The jewelry I craft for my clients is unique and each component is brought together by hand.

All breastmilk and DNA keepsake jewelry is made primarily with resin. Resin is a wonderful and resilient medium that commands a certain level of care. General wear and tear should be expected and having it cleaned regularly by a professional would be advised. Make sure to regularly check the prongs of your jewelry setting, to make sure they are still in place to hold your precious gemstone safe.

Jewelry should be removed before bed, bathing, showering, and engaging in any water-based or physical activities. Sweat, chlorine, cleaning products, perfume, creams, oils, silver-tarnish cleaning products, light sources, and sunshine will compromise the integrity of your jewelry and can lead to tarnishing, discoloration, and breakage.

Breastmilk and DNA jewelry is adornment jewelry and not made for everyday use. Wearing your piece anywhere at any time can damage your precious piece. If you are purchasing a one-of-a-kind irreplaceable item, which you are genuinely afraid that you might ruin or lose, it is a good idea to treat it as a legacy piece.

Using your jewelry for anything other than adornment purposes and/or not adhering to the care instructions will void any existing guarantees supplied by me. 

Cleaning Your Jewelry

A silver gold based polishing cloth may be used on the metal aspects of your piece. NEVER CLEAN THE RESIN COMPONENT OF THE JEWELRY WITH THESE CLOTHS. The resin component can be cleaned with a plain soft cloth.